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Workshop Materials


You will need a good pile of art paper in varying sides or in a roll, firm ie 200-300 gsm, gouache or acrylics of varying colours and tones, mostly an earth palette and a few primarys, a small bottle of ink and a small pot of white acrylic paint.


A small set of earth coloured pastels with some blacks, whites and browns.


Plastic bowls for mixing paints and a large bottle of water.


Six to ten brushes of varying sizes and shapes, try for soft sable or nylon, a woman’s blusher brush too. A palette knife .


A firm board or two to lean your work on and to use as a palette .


A large piece of good quality paper or two, or a canvas or primed board to begin work on a resolved piece on the second day


Any other support material, reproductions of previous work, or supplies feel free to bring as a reference or point of discussion.

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